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Sep. 28th, 2037 10:48 am
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How's My Driving?

I do appreciate opinions and criticism from those who actually care enough to offer them.
Please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have on my portrayal.
Anonymous comments are on though I encourage anyone with an opinion to say it openly. I like to think of myself as easy going and relaxed.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, I will give each and every comment attention.
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Hey dudes, I'm out saving the world or something. Leave a message!
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OOC Information
AGE; 25

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME; Garfield "Beastboy" Logan
AGE; 15
CANON; Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go
CANON POINT; Taken from the end of Teen Titans Go
FAMILY TYPES; Virus Busters, Nature Spirits, Unknown

APPEARANCE; Beastboy is a thin green human with pointed ears and fangs. Short cut hair on the top of his head, and slender but surprisingly strong arms and legs. While he may be small his career in superheroics has kept him in shape. But his relying on his powers has also kept him from becoming athletically fit. He has green eyes as well to match the rest of his green.

Beastboy is the lovable goof on his team and he embraces that role with vigor. Always quick to make a joke, or let himself be the butt of one, Beastboy loves nothing more then to keep his friends laughing and smiling in the darkest situations. He has a serious side to him though that can be seen burning through when the people he loves are in trouble. When the girl he loved was under attack by one of the Titan's strongest villains he proved himself more capable in combat then we had seen in earlier episodes. And when his family had been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Evil, Beastboy became determined and anxious, unwilling to slow down or stop until he found them again forsaking his happy go lucky attitude.

He has a need to be liked. To spend time with others. A very social creature it has been shown that when he feels he's not getting the attention he craves he goes out of his way to find it. Sometimes this results in getting in other peoples way, or sticking his nose into things best left alone.

He loves to help people. Being a super hero is, in his opinion, the coolest job in the world. While he may at times wish that he could take a break from saving the world and resume spending hours watching TV, playing Video games or reading comic books, he can always be counted on to throw himself in the path of danger to protect those weaker them himself.

He also takes loss very hard. When he fell in love with Terra, was betrayed and then lost her when she sacrificed herself to save the city he could not move on for months and months. Almost a full year passed before he was willing to take steps to move on. And even then he still found himself keeping an eye on a girl who looked and sounded like Terra long after. Just to make sure she was OK.

He also gets worked up easily. Energetic, spastic, sometimes a little crazy, all in the name of fun and what is funny. And while he openly admits he is not the smartest person around, one of his favorite condolences for that is "I may not be smart enough to do everything, but I'm dumb enough to try anything!"



You know...we really do live in a golden age for geeks.
I mean let's ignore the fact that monsters made of data have brought us all here, and that the true strength no longer comes from muscle but from emotions and feelings and stuff. Those are totally sweet, but it's more then that.
Things that geeks used to get beat up for, liking Space Trek, Reading Captain Carrot. These things are cool now! I don't even have to order Japanese comic books off the internet anymore because I can find them in the book section of the department store!
I know I'm not that old, and I totally respect what the older geek dudes had to go through back then. But what's done is done and what's happening now is it's great to be a geek! And you can be a geek about so much!

So someone tell my Digimon that it is totally cool if I wanna spend the whole weekend inside doing a marathon video game run of Mega Monkeys? I've got the junk food already set up!


"So I hope you had a plan when you went charging towards the rioting Numemon!" The irritated Salamon barked as she and Beastboy slid around the corner of a building and the mob of angry sluglike Digimon came into view.

Truth be told Beastboy hadn't a clue. "Well normally I'd transform into a gorilla and start tossing those chumps like they were snowballs. Or turn into an Octopus and use my tentacles to separate them."

Her unimpressed look was an unnecessary reminder that he could no longer do those things. Super heroics were so much easier when I had powers. He mused to himself as they reached the edge of the mob.

"Hey! What are you guys doing?!" He shouted and was met by a barrage of disgusting balls of...something horrible and smelly. The green skinned teen yelped a high pitched cry of shock and went scrambling for cover knocking over a cafe's patio table and taking cover behind it. Salamon had dashed ahead of him and as soon as the cover was in place gave him a very unimpressed stare.

" maybe the direct approach wasn't best but it distracted them at least. Can't you like...get big and stomp them?" He asked hopefully. He had heard of evolution from the others but the little doglike creature just shook her head.

"We're not in that much trouble...though if I end up getting all smelly because of you I'm making you sleep outside."

Beastboy sighed and peered over the table. Just gotta buy us some time to think of a better plan. But if we don't stop them they'll stink up the whole town.

"Why'd I have to get stuck with such an annoying tamer?" The Salamon sighed rubbing her forehead with her paw. "Rushing into a fight without a plan."

But her words struck a cord with Beastboy. He was great at being annoying!

"Salamon, you might wanna get a head start if you don't wanna stink before the days over." He warned before standing up and shouting, "YOUR MOTHER WEARS GARBAGE BAGS!"

That got their attention. The Numemon stopped pelting the surrounding area to turn their attention to him.

"And she's so salty that when she kissed your daddy he started melting!" Beastboy was making it up as he went along but it seemed to be confusing the crowd as they tried to figure out who's mother he was talking about.

"Also seriously? Green is not your color. Maybe you ought to try yellow! Buncha' cowardly piles of spoiled pudding!"

OK even by my standards that was lame. He lamented silently. But amazingly that was what set off the mob. They lunged for him and he screamed like a girl before taking off running, with the mob hot on his heels and globs of smelly sludge flying after him.

"You idiot!" Salamon barked springing ahead of him on her stubby little legs. But she saw his plan was coming together. With the Numemon so focused on attacking him they weren't attacking the town anymore.

It best a short term solution. But it bought them time to run and think of a plan while they focused on dodging ungodly stench bombs and luring them away from downtown.


Jan. 3rd, 2012 06:16 pm
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So...this is kind of a lame question but...

When do you know you're an adult? Is there like...some kind of right of passage or?



Nov. 11th, 2011 03:35 pm
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[The video opens with Beastboy up on a roof hanging Christmas Lights from the Hinata and Silver Dragon Inn]

Hey bratboy, smile for the camera!

[He looks up and gives an awkward wave spitting out the duct tape roll in his mouth to call down]

Isha what are you doing down there?

You're hanging Christmas Lights, when you fall I want to have it on tape.

What do you mean when? I'm very graceful!

[As if fate heard his lie, a sudden wind kicks up and knocks him off the roof. He swings from the lights string screaming like a girl and is flung through the air and over a fence splashing inevitably into the girls hot spring]

It really is too early to put those up anyway, but there's so much roof I guess he wanted to get it done. *Laughs*
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Hey kids, Beastboy here with a new hostile to watch out for.

Jinx, Tamer in Tetha, runs a bunch of teashops I'm sure you've heard of her. She was just jumped by someone from our world named Madam Rouge. She's totally evil, really really smart and one of the hardest foes I've ever faced.

She has the ability to stretch herself, and reshape herself however she likes. Walking through chain link fences, impersonating people, most projectiles are useless because she's so fast and she'll just bounce most stuff back.

Her weaknesses are heat and cold. If things get too hot she melts, and if things get too cold she stiffens up and can't stretch. But she recovers fast so you really gotta pour it on.

...oh Jinx is fine by the way if you were worried. Banged up but it could have been alot worse.

So wish I had a picture. Jinx said she'll check the security cameras tomorrow and if she gets anything she'll send it. safe out there guys.


Mar. 7th, 2011 02:29 pm
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[The scene opens showing some tamers looking bored, exhausted, depressed]

Life got you down? Viruses leaving you worn out emotionally? Need some time to get away from the day to day stress of war against the demon kings?

[Screen wipes to reveal The Hinata/Silver Dragon Inn beautiful and peaceful]

Then try the Hinata and Silver Dragon Inns!

[Another scene change to the hot springs looking just as tantalizing as possible.]

It's springtime in Tetha and the cherry blossoms are blooming. There's nothing quiet as refreshing as a dip in our world famous hot springs watching the cherry blossoms and enjoying some star class tea or adult beverages.

Rates are reasonable for visits and you can cap off every morning and evening with delicious meals prepared by some of the finest chefs in the digital world.

Act now and receive half off coupons to the next windball competition!

Hinata Silver Dragon Inns, a magical experience.


Feb. 24th, 2011 09:16 pm
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Sasami's gone this place is like a ghost town.

More so then usual?


Yeah and some of us are trying to sleep, keep it down green genes!

...ya had to take Sasami? You couldn't take Noir? come on Yggdrasil. Do us a solid for once.
changelingdude: (Plotmon =.=)


Alright has anyone seen Beastboy? He didn't come to bed last night and I can't seem to ring him up on the D-comm...this is just great who's gonna fill out all this paperwork now?


Dec. 6th, 2010 03:52 pm
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Man time flies doesn't it dudes?

It's that time of year again isn't it? For those of you who don't know it's Christmas time dudes! The totally greatest holiday that ever was! Time for candy canes, snow, bright lights, claymation holiday specials, and gifts!

So let's kick this party off right! Anybody got any special winter holiday traditions you like to do? Back home at Titans Tower in my universe we spend a whole night together decorating our Tower and we draw names from a hat to do a secret Santa.

How about you guys? Special meals? Special parties? We'll be decorating the Hinata and Silver Dragon inns tonight so if you want to help come on out! We'll have cocoa and popcorn for snackin'.
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He guys...I'm thinking maybe things are about to get hot again real fast.

Can we get a quick count of heads to see who's still hiding out here in Tetha? As always we can't make you stay and if you wanna bail we'll help you get to safety.

Ravemon...he said alot of stuff out there but he's nuts! You can hear it in the way he talks himself up big like he's the only one who can save this world.

But there was one thing he was right about. We write our own stories and decide our own destiny. This world is our responsibility just like our homeworlds. No matter how you feel about this war you were thrown into without being asked the fact of the matter is you're here now and no one else can tell you how to handle it.

This world won't be saved by one Digimon, one Tamer or even one of each. What it's gonna come down to is all of us doing what we can to support one another and what we believe in. We come from different worlds, different lives with different views on things and that's what makes us strong.

Take care of what and who are important to you, that's all I can ask. We're all in this together dudes.
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[An explosion shakes the Inn gently and if you listen you can hear Beastboy running screaming through the halls]



Destroy Buzz Lightyear! Destroy Buzz Lightyear!

[If you peer into the hall you'll see Beastboy being chased by a horde of security robots from the secret lab modeled after The Evil Emperor Zerg Feel free to take a couple out or have one of their sticky gooey trap shots hit or nearly hit one of your characters...and feel free to yell at Beastboy]
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Heh...I kinda dig these viruses when they work out in my favor.

Speak for yourself...if you had my memories you'd be ready for a drink too.

Oh quit your whining Tailmon~


So...who among you has never had a virus before?

Are you just gonna keep flexing in the mirror all day?

Sure! Look at these muscles! And chest hair! I've got chest hair now! I am so sexy!

You are so full of yourself.

Oh yeah...check me out~
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[Locked from Hostiles, the Police and Tetha government]


Spring is in full swing and summer is on the way, and with the amount of action going on in the big cities lately I thought we should have a little get together.

For anyone who wants it The Hinata and Silver Dragon Inns will be hosting some combat training and sparring sessions on the first of May! It could be a fun day to brush up on your self defense or learn how to fight together with your Digimon partner if you're new!

And for you more experienced brawlers remember, it's always important to brush up on the basics. If you're up for it there will be some spars. We'll try and match up opponents of equals levels.

I hate being serious so I'll make this short. The Digital World is a dangerous place and no matter how much you try to avoid it...eventually you'll probably get into some trouble. As a professional crime fighter I can't stress enough how important it is for some basic self defense. We're lucky enough that the Digimon can be way stronger then us if we know how to work with them.

So if you're interested drop me a line or just show up! We'll be using the training grounds behind the Inns. If any of you more experienced folks are game we could really use some teachers too!
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[Happy April fools day! You didn't actually expect Beastboy to miss this occasion were you? After raiding Yzma's potion closet (Or what's left of it, better talk to M.A.G.I about getting some more) The water supply of Tetha has been significantly spiked so that if you drink or bathe today you'll be turned into an animal (Of your choice) ]

Huh, Easter's this weekend isn't it? Are we doing anything fun? We could try and host an egg hunt for the kids?
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Hey dudes, bad news.

I was trying to find that dude Ivan for some training and, looks like the big Digitree sent him home.

Another Titan gone, hopefully he's safe and sound huh?

Sorry to be the bearer of bummer.


Mar. 17th, 2010 08:08 am
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For those of you don't know, St. Patricks day is a holiday we celebrate in America in honor of the Irish people who brought us lots of great potato dishes, kilts, sexy Irish accents, and pretty much invented the color green which is my favorite for obvious reasons.

We also celebrate it in honor of St. Patrick who was like Robin Hood or an early old fashioned super hero robbing from the Rich Scottish and giving to the poor Irish. He was totally awesome and one time he saved the country of Ireland from the Loch Ness Monster!

Anyway to celebrate adults drink beer and party and wear green and sing songs and stuff. Kids can do all that except the beer stuff. If you're not wearing green though people might pinch you and you gotta accept it because you're being a humbug!

Also if you see any rainbows today try to get to the end of them, there should be like a pot of gold or a leprechaun or something.

For those of you who don't know what a leprechaun is, he's like a little Irish midget dude who is magic and if you catch him he has to grant you three wishes or give you a pot of gold and I think sometimes they turn evil and if you feed them after midnight they turn into Chupacabra and eat goats.

So Happy St. Patties day! Have a great time! We'll be celebrating out on the front lawn of the Hinata and Silver Dragon's inn with a big feast tonight if you're interested!


Mar. 14th, 2010 07:58 am
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You're insane, I love it!


Several Goddesses walk among us, Belldandy for one...

Not the point! For this is the most beautiful woman in all the Digital world and I'll fight anyone who dares say otherwise! And best of all she loves meeeeeeeee me of all people MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I still have no idea how you managed this.

Lots of effort! But it was all worth it!

[What you will see if you happen to be strolling by the Hinata inn is a giant Cherry Jello Statue of Terra. Watch in amusement as it jiggles in the wind and defies gravity and physics.]


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